Pony Club WA Sports Leaderboards

All Pony Club WA Ordinary, Associate and Affiliate Riding Members are eligible to register for the 2019 Pony Club WA Leaderboards.

Pony Club WA Open, Competition and Adult Supporter Mounted Riders are not eligible for inclusion.

The Pony Club WA Leaderboards are administered by the Pony Club WA Office and all enquiries should be directed to the Leaderboard Coordinator

The 2019 Leaderboard will run from November 1st 2018 to October 31st 2019 and ages shall be taken as at the 1st January 2019.


  • Effective 1st January 2019, all members who wish to be included on a Leaderboard must download a registration form from the Pony Club WA website, complete and return BY EMAIL to the Pony Club WA Office.
  • Registration forms may be completed at any time of year, however for nominations received after 1st May 2019, only results from the immediately preceding 2 months will be credited forward.
  • To be eligible for inclusion in the Leaderboard, riders must complete a minimum of separate two (2) Leaderboard events.
  • Riders may only receive one set of points on one day. I.e. a rider cannot attend two leaderboard events and receive points for both.
  • In the event of a missing registration, ie a rider not appearing on the leaderboard, a copy of the original registration must be sent by email to the Leaderboard Coordinator. Advice must be received within two months of original application for points to be backdated.

Please ensure that your horse/pony’s name as clearly written below is correctly entered in each event that you enter.  The Leaderboard Coordinator will not be responsible for results that state an incorrect or unregistered mount.

A horse and rider combination may not compete at more than one event on one day. I.e. competitors cannot attend two events on the same day and gain points from each event.


Clubs wishing to have their events added to the Sports Leaderboards are required to complete an Event Dates Application Form.
Events must not clash with events already listed and must use Pony Club WA or EA Accredited Officials.


  • Increase awareness of Pony Club WA as the leading youth equestrian association
  • Support the growth and development of the Pony Club WA People and Infrastructure.
  • Increase awareness of opportunities for riders, within Pony Club WA.
  • Reward participation and success


As of 1st November 2019, Pony Club WA ask that you complete your Rider Registrations online via the below link:
Sport Leaderboard Online Rider Registration

If you are applying before the 1st November 2019 please use the below Rider Registration Form:
Rider Registration Form

Affiliate Riding Members are still encourage to register with the below form:
Affiliate Riding Member Registration Form

Other forms that may be of interest are:
Club and Rider Information updated April 2019
Results and Levy Return
2019 Event Dates Application Form



2018 Leaderboard Winners

Congratulations to all the riders who have participated in 2018 Leader Board series.

2019 Pony Club WA Dressage Leaderboard

Updated as of 20.09.2019 with 1 pending event.

Please see the Calendar for more information on events

2019 Pony Club WA Eventing Leaderboard

This is the current document as of 18.09.2019.

Please see the Calendar for more information on events


2017 Pony Club WA Eventing Leaderboard Place Getters

2019 Pony Club WA Showjumping Leaderboard March 2019

Please see the Calendar for more information on events


2017 Pony Club WA Showjumping Leaderboard Place Getters

2018 Pony Club WA Off the Track Leaderboard 

Sponsored by Off the Track WA, this leader board collates all points earned in the three sports Leader boards for OTT Horses. Riders must nominate their mount using the Leader board nomination form for inclusion on the leader board. Points are automatically counted as they are added to the relevant Sports Leader board.


2017 Pony Club WA Off the Track Leaderboard Place Getters