Pony Club WA Sports Leaderboards

All Pony Club WA Riding Members to 24 years of age are eligible to register for the Pony Club WA Sports Leaderboards.
Although events for the Leaderboards has gotten underway, we are not taking registrations just yet. It does not matter when you register (until close off date – 1 September), your results will link to your name once you register and your name and details are uploaded spreadsheet……Please keep an eye on the Pony Club Post!


Clubs wishing to have their events added to the Sports Leaderboards are required to complete an Event Dates Application Form.
Events must not clash with events already listed and must use Pony Club WA or EA Accredited Officials.

Aims & Objectives of the Leaderboards

  • Increase awareness of Pony Club WA as the leading youth equestrian association
  • Support the growth and development of the Pony Club WA People and Infrastructure.
  • Increase awareness of opportunities for riders, within Pony Club WA.
  • Reward participation and success

Links & Downloads

Leaderboards & Results

Sponsored by Off the Track WA, this leader board collates all points earned in the three sports Leader boards for OTT Horses.

Riders must nominate their mount using the Leader board nomination form for inclusion on the leader board.

Points are automatically counted as they are added to the relevant Sports Leader board.

Leaderboards & Results

Congratulations to all the riders who have participated in 2019 Horseland Sport Leader Board series.


What Sports are a part of the Leaderboard’s?
Active Riding, Dressage, Eventing, Hickstead and Hunter Trials, Showjumping or Tetrathlon

Who can register?
Pony Club members to the age of 24 years

What if I want to change levels during the year?
Just fill out our Online Query Form and request to change levels.

How much does it cost to register?
FREE! It’s free to register. Small levies are collected at each event to cover the prizes.

How does the leaderboard work?
You and your pony go and compete at leaderboard registered events, the clubs submit the results, you receive points at the end of the year, points are tallied up and riders receive prizes for 1st to 6th.

I’m only jumping 45cm and doing Prep Dressage can I register for the leaderboard?
Yes all levels are welcome and each sport is split into ages and levels to give you a better chance of moving up the leaderboard. Check out the Information Pack for a full list of classes.

How do I find out which events are leaderboard events?
Easy just check out the Sports Leaderboard page or our Online Calendar and use the filter function.

Can I register more than 1 mount?
Yes you can just fill the form out again with your other mounts details.

When does the 2024 Leaderboard finish?
The 2024 Sports Leaderboards run from 1st November 2023 to the 31st October 2024.

Who makes the leaderboards possible?
The hard working volunteers at each club who put on the events that you go and compete at, remember to thank them for their hard work!