Pony Club WA AGM

Notice is given in accordance with Rule 10.4 of the Pony Club Western Australia Incorporated’s Constitution that the Annual General Meeting of Pony Club Western Australia Incorporated will be held at 6.00 pm, Saturday 14th March 2020 in the Ocean Foam Room, State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon.

The business to be dealt with at the AGM shall be:

  1. The receipt and consideration of:
    • Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on the 16th March 2019.
    • 2019 Chairperson’s Report
    • 2019 Annual Report; and
    • 2019 Audited Financial Statements.
  1. To consider the following member nominations for election to the four (4) vacancies on the Board of Directors:
    • Amelia Thomas
    • Jan Lawrie
    • Rod Dowding
    • Shannon Mitchell
    • Steve Frantom
  1. To consider and if thought fit, pass the following resolution as a special resolution: “That the Judy Rose be appointed as a State Life Member of Pony Club Western Australia Incorporated”.
  2. Any other general business as the Chair directs in accordance with the Constitution.

The AGM documents can be downloaded here:

Pony Club WA AGM Agenda 2020

3. Minutes of Pony Club WA AGM 2019

4. Chairpersons Report

5. Annual Report 2019

6. Pony Club WA Financial Statements 2019

8. Nominee Statement Booklet

The AGM will be followed by a Member Forum.

Member Clubs wishing to appoint a proxy can do so by filling in the Appointment of Proxy Form and submitting prior to the commencement of  the Annual General Meeting.

2019 AGM

Minutes of the AGM 16th March 2019

Pony Club Western Australia Inc Financial Statement FY18

2018 AGM

Minutes of the AGM 24th March 2018