Joining the Riders Consultancy Panel (RCP) is an easy and fun way to become more involved with the Pony Club WA membership, especially Senior Riding members, and to have your say on issues and events throughout the year. You do not need to have previous experience on a committee or panel to apply.

About the Riders Consultancy Panel

The Panel’s functions are to:

  • consult and provide feedback to the CEO and sports committees on rule changes, polices, marketing and other areas of interest;
  • increase the engagement and education of Senior Riding members throughout Western Australia;
  • Add to the learning experience of Senior Riding members, and
  • provide a point of contact/channel of information for both Senior Riding members and other financial riding members that is both accessible and reliable

After all today’s members are the future of tomorrow’s Pony Club WA.

Events the RCP may want to plan, participate in, organise and assist with

  • State Senior members Rider Rallies and Events
  • Pony Club WA Awards and Recognition Evening
  • Running a social event for Senior Riding Members
  • Your ideas here

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