International Events

Pony Club Australia is part of an international competition circuit that allows Australian Riders to represent Australia at International Events. These events include the InterPacific Exchange (Showjumping), International Mounted Games (Prince Philip Mounted Games), International Tetrathlon Exchange (Tetrathlon) and the International Quiz (Quiz).

Team members are required to:

  • Act as ambassadors for Pony Club and Australia
  • Agree to abide by the Code of Conduct and Member Protection Policy
  • Cheerfully participate in all activities pre-departure and on tour
  • Provide details to Pony Club Australia and the team Coach and Manager promptly when requested, such as biographical information, medical certificate, photos and uniform sizes
  • Follow instructions from the team Coach and Manager at all times
  • Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol whilst on tour

Team Coach and Manager

It is a big responsibility and privilege to accompany a PCA team as a Team Manager or Coach. Responsibilities commence from the date of your appointment and conclude some time after your return, the Coach and Manager roles are awarded to Pony Club members with the requisite experience, personal attributes and skills. PCA is committed to selection based on merit, and to succession planning in these national leadership roles. A person cannot fulfil an international team role more than 3 times. Applications from across Australia are encouraged.

The Coach and Manager work as a team, to ensure that the riders/competitors have the best, safest and most successful experience possible, whilst upholding the impeccable reputation of Pony Club Australia.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with team members from the date of appointment, to build team cohesion, assist with pre-departure training plans
  • Communicating with and becoming known to the parents of team members prior to departure
  • Collating orders for uniforms and liaising with suppliers and PCA
  • Using the network of past Coaches/Managers and PCA to ensure that all queries about the role are answered prior to departure, and that there is continuous improvement for the international team program – i.e. make suggestions for the future
  • Keeping track of and returning all PCA items such as flags, bibs, helmet covers etc
  • Purchasing supplies for the team if needed whilst on tour
  • Posting to a dedicated Facebook page daily whilst on tour so that a record of the tour and the team’s experiences are shared with the Pony Club community
  • Taking and providing to PCA a series of quality, high resolution photos suitable for print and social media, and as a historical record of the event
  • Writing a formal tour report suitable for inclusion in the Annual Report
  • Writing a report for the PCA board detailing issues, observations, risks and areas to be addressed in future
  • Communicating directly with PCA and the team member’s parent in the case of emergency or incident (in accordance with the Emergency Management Plan). Assist the parent to make an insurance claim if needed.

PCA International Team Manager or Coach Application Form – Applications close 3rd February 2018

Riders, Coaches and Team Managers withing to attend these events apply through Pony Club Australia, all applications must be endorsed by Pony Club WA prior to submission.

Read about the 2018 International Competitions.

The idea of an Interpacific Pony Club Exchange originated from a visit in 1960 of Victorian and New South Wales pony Club members to the Pebble Beach Pony Club in California.

This first “exchange” was such a success that the Pony Club Association of Victoria issued an invitation to the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand and all Australian States, to participate in an “exchange” in Victoria in 1961. The USA was always a member of this exchange until their last attendance in 1975. They re-joined the Interpacific Exchange Rally in 1999, when they were hosts.

During this visit the first Interpacific Committee was formed. It was agreed that exchanges should take place every second year.

The Exchange consists of a minimum of two weeks, and a maximum of three weeks during which the participants will tour the host country, visiting various areas and various Pony Clubs. The teams also participate in three competitions and spend many hours in training for the competitions.

One competition is the Horse Trials, a three-phase combined event, consisting of Dressage, Cross Country Jumping and Show Jumping. The teams for this event are scrambled, that is teams are made up of one member from each country. They compete for the “Kangaroo Trophy”.

Another competition is a Teams Show Jumping Event for the “Goodwill Trophy”. The teams from each country compete against each other under Nations Cup Rules.

A third competition is held which is selected by the host country. Events which have been held have included a polocrosse competition, a Tetrathlon and a ride and drive event.

The purpose of this Exchange is summed up in the words of one of the Exchange Founders from the USA.

“The purpose of these Exchanges is to enable children of different countries, bonded together by their common interest, to visit each other, to live, play and work together with the idea of becoming friends, to learn about each other’s countries and customs and exchange ideas especially about horses and the various methods of riding, training and caring for them.”

At present the Interpacific Exchange Rally is open to teams of Pony Club riders aged 17 to 21 years (inclusive) representing the countries of Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Great Britain, Japan, the United States of America and New Zealand. Essentially it is a youth exchange scheme aimed at furthering cordial relationships between the youth of the competing countries. A team usually consists of six riders.

The minimum pre-requisite for selection is the B Efficiency Certificate with proven experience in eventing and show jumping. Nominees for selection will need to have experience on a variety of mounts at top Pony Club level in both fields. The competition, on strange horses, is strong and the selected riders need to be the best available in their field.


Selection to represent Australia in the Interpacific is the ultimate honour available to Pony Club members. Nominees therefore should display additional talents to their proven horsemanship.

They should be enthusiastic and operative at club level to earn nomination. They will have a proven record of regular attendance at Pony Club Working Rallies.

As representatives of Australian youth, courtesy, deportment and grooming are important.

They will need to be a good ambassador for their State and Country and should be able to speak on behalf of the team (sometimes at short notice).

They should have current knowledge of Pony Club aims and objects and what Pony Club is all about. Candidates should also be expected to have a reasonable knowledge of their own State and Australia, and of the country hosting the Interpacific Exchange Rally.

This event will be held in Hong Kong 30th June—13th July 2019 and include dressage and show jumping rounds.
Riders must have their B certificate and can be aged up to and including 25 years at 1/1/2019.
The team is expected to have one eligible rider from Northern Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.
If there are no eligible riders from these states, then PCA will call on reserve states.
Please contact your state to apply.
PCA will call for nominations for team coach and manager for this team in December 2018.

In 1988 Australia was invited to compete in the International Mounted Games competition, which had been contested in previous years by Great Britain, Canada and the United States of America.

The International Mounted Games competition was held in the Southern Hemisphere for the first time in 1994, with the Pony Club Association of Western Australia Inc. hosting the visiting teams for three weeks. The competition was held at Beverley on 27 August 1994, as part of the Beverley Agricultural Show.

With seven States and Territories wishing to nominate riders for the International Teams, and only five riders comprising a team, a roster system has been put in place by the PCA Board. Two States annually are not eligible to nominate a representative in the Australian Team.


Applicants must demonstrate their ability to ride their own and other ponies. A number of candidates who have demonstrated their riding ability, will be interviewed by the panel of Selectors and the State President.

Must be able to demonstrate to the Selection Panel that they have met the necessary standards of discipline, behaviour, presentation, ambassadorial skills, team spirit and general conduct during their membership of Pony Club.

The successful Candidate and a reserve will be advised of their selection at the conclusion of the weekend.

International Mounted Games Roster 2017 onwards

Will be in Colorado, USA, July 25 – August 9, 2019.
Team members aged 13 – 15 years at 1/1/2019.
It is important that the selected riders have advanced skills in Mounted Games and experience at national level competition for PCA or MGA.
The team is expected to have one eligible rider from Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales.
If there are no eligible riders from these states, then PCA will call on reserve states.
PCA will call for nominations for team coach and manager for this team in December 2018.

International Tetrathlon Exchange is held every second year and has been hosted by UK/Ireland, US, and Australia

Tetrathlon is comprised of Riding, Running, Swimming and Shooting, with slight differences in each country. For example, although most countries shoot with air pistols.

The Exchange is open to members aged between 16 and 21 years and consists of both competition and tour activities.


Use the 2018 PCA – Tetrathlon Exchange Nomination Form to nominate directly with PCA

The Annual Quiz Competition is held in Canada and the USA. This event is held every three years at the US Pony Club Festival with all disciplines and States coming together to compete over the week.

In Pony Club Quiz, members compete as teams, without horses or ponies. Quiz tests knowledge, not skills. The Quiz has three parts: a written test, which each competitor does independently; a visual test where competitors identify strange… obscure… or unusual objects of a horsy nature by sight, again individually; and an oral test which may be done either individually or as a team (each team gets to confer before answering). Each individual’s scores go toward his/her team’s total.

Pony Club Australia Inc. was invited to send a team of four quiz competitors aged 16 years and under 26 years for the first time in 2014.


In 2018 Pony Club Australia has been invited for the first time to enter a team to compete in Polocrosse in the UK. PCA is seeking nominations for a junior team (ages 15 and under) and a senior team ( ages 16 to 21.)


Use the 2018 PCA – Polocrosse UK Nomination Form to nominate directly with PCA.

PCA will be inviting a team from France and China to compete at the 2019 PCA Nationals in a Tri-Nations competition as we did in 2017. PCA was fortunate to be invited to compete in France and China in 2018.

The Australian team of 4 for the 2019 event will be B certificate riders and nominations will be called for in early 2019.

PCA is welcoming a visit from China Pony Club riders for the Australia-China Youth Challenge in January 2019. Pony Clubs from east of Melbourne will be hosting the visit and include a Pony Club camp, competition, lessons and sightseeing.
The travel plan for visits to China is still to be determined but it is expected that PCA will receive an invitation to send groups of riders as we have in 2018.
PCA is seeking experienced coaches interested in visiting China in a variety of roles including coaching riders based at a single centre for 3 months, coach instruction and assessment at a range of centres over 3-4 weeks.