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Pony Club WA have recently introduced individual discipline Facebook Groups to help members gain easy access to important information, good news stories and upcoming events.

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2019 Pony Club WA State Active Riding Championships

Date: 7th – 8th September 2019
Venue: Serpentine Horse and Pony Club
Entries Close: 19th August 2019 at 5pm

2019 Active Riding Championships Program

Includes draw and helper duties

2019 Pony Club WA State Active Riding Championships Qualifier

Date: 3rd – 4th August 2019
Venue: Avon Valley Showjumping and Pony Club, Northam Equestrian Park (Suburban Road via Clark St)
Entries Close: Monday 22nd July 5pm No late entries accepted –

2019 Pony Club WA State Active Riding Qualifier Entry Pack (Updated)
Preferred format – This entry pack is an editable pdf. Open the file, enter your team details and save the file by including the club name.

If you have trouble with the pdf file please click here Active Riding QUALIFIER Entry Pack 2019 – Entry only (updated)  for the word document

Please note there is a cost of $10 per vaulter if using the pool horse supplied or bring your own vaulting horse for no charge.

Vaulting music needs to be sent to

Active Riding Equipment For Hire
Trailer with all AR Equipment $5 per rider

Please visit Resources  >  Club Resources  > Equipment Hire

Active Riding Events


The Prince Philip Mounted Games provides the Pony Club with a competition requiring courage, determination and all-round riding ability on the part of the rider, and careful and systematic training of the pony. The objective is to encourage a higher standard of riding throughout Pony Club and to stimulate among the future generation a greater interest in riding as a sport and recreation.

The Mounted Games were first introduced into the Pony Club WA program in 1965, and the event was held at the Perth Royal Show. The Games were run under the Rules provided by The Pony Club, UK. Club Teams of five riders from each of the 8 Zones competed in a Semi Final, with the finalists competing for the Championship.

In 1974 His Royal Highness Prince Philip visited Western Australia and gave his permission for the Pony Club WA to use his name for the Western Australian Competition. During 1985 permission was sought to use the title “Prince Philip Mounted Games” for the Pony Club games competitions conducted in Australia. This permission was granted in 1986.
At the same time, HRH also donated a perpetual trophy for Junior Mounted Games National competition. The National Junior Prince Philip Games is now an annual event.

2019 Games

Ball and Racquet
Pony Express
9 Ring race
Tennis Ball Shuffle
Five Flag

2019 Games

Two Flag
Stick Peg
Tack Shop
Pony Club Pole

Spares: 3 Mug, Big Sack

2019 Novelties

Wagon Wheel
Horse of the Year
3 Mug
Pony Club Mount for 12 and Under and 13 – 16
Active Riding Challenge for 17 and over