Insurance – what am I covered for?

Pony Club WA and Gow Gates

Pony Club WA and Gow-Gates are committed to providing the pony club community with first class Sports Insurance Programmes, whilst maintaining the affordability of registration.
All benefits previously afforded to Pony Club WA Members, Affiliated Clubs, Pony Club WA Coaches, Open Riders, Pony Club WA Officials and Volunteers will remain the same with additional benefits including:

– Pony Club Insurance Scheme website providing immediate access to the policy benefits and procedures
– Risk Management Documentation tailored to Pony Clubs that aims to assist in providing a safe environment for all participants.
– Pony Club WA Member discounts on the suite of Gow-Gates’ Equestrian Related Insurance products
– Additional Insurance benefits for PC NCAS L1 Coaches

It is important to note whilst the plans provide basic levels of cover for members and others participating in Equestrian activities, it is not all encompassing (this is necessary to keep the cost of insurance affordable for members) and does not seek to replace the need for private health and other insurances. The individual needs of insured persons have not been considered in this plan.

For more information please email

How to make a Claim

Personal Accident Claims

If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for Personal Accident please contact Pony Club WA immediately.

Steps to follow:

1. Send copy of Incident Report Form to Pony Club WA via
2. Pony Club WA will verify your details and contact Gow-Gates on your behalf.
3. Gow-Gates will send you a Claim Form once contacted by Pony Club WA
4. Lodge the claim form. Gow-Gates require the Claim Form to be fully completed and returned within 120 days of your injury.
DO NOT wait until treatment is complete before submitting the Claim Form.
5. Lodge additional documentation as required

Incident Report Form

If you wish to make a claim or notify an incident for General Liability, Professional Indemnity or Management Liability, please contact Gow-Gates immediately.

Important information relevant to your Claim, please read it carefully and make sure you understand its contents.

1. The Medical Report of page 7 must be completed by the main Doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist or Dentist who is providing treatment for your injury.
2. For Claims under the “LUMP SUM” Net Loss of Income Benefit your Employer must complete the Employer’s Statement on page 6 and forward it directly to Gow-Gates. A Return to Work Statement from your Employer is also required before processing can be completed. If you are self employed, the financial statement on page 6 showing income details must be completed by your Accountant.
3. Please send all receipts for Non-Medicare Medical Expenses. If you are claiming from a Private Health Insurer, please send those statements along with your receipts.
4. Insurers will commence working on your claims immediately however, Claims cannot be settled (entitlements calculated) until all treatment to the injury has been completed, all accounts have been paid and refunds from your Private Health Insurer have been obtained. Claims for Loss of Wages will only be processed once insurers have been provided with a Return to Work date.
5. In most cases, there are varying Excesses on claims for Medical Expenses and an excess of varying periods on claims for loss of earnings. For precise details and information regarding Policy maximums and excesses, please contact
6. Gow-Gates values your privacy and makes every endeavour to keep your personal details private and secure in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. For further information on our privacy statement please visit our website.

Day Insurance

As of January 1st 2013 Day Insurance will not be offered in Pony Club WA for pony club events.
Riders can join a pony club as a Day Member for RALLIES ONLY if they wish to ‘try before they buy’. This applies to a maximum of two rallies only.
Non Pony Club WA registered Coaches can register for day insurance through the Day Coach Registration Form
Day Membership and Day Coach insurance levies and non member disclaimers need to be sent in to the Pony Club WA State Office by the club secretary.

Insurance – General Responsibilities for Members

Ensure you have adequate insurance

It is a responsibility of all Members to ensure that you are adequately insured.  The insurance policies provided by PCA are a member benefit and are not designed to provide every individual with Comprehensive Cover for their own personal circumstances.

Additional Cover may be required in addition to the Member Insurance.  Examples of additional insurances include:

  • Business insurance
  • Property insurance – Equipment, Farm Packs or Home and Contents
  • Personal Accident and Income Protection insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Horse Mortality Insurance

If top up insurance is required, please contact Gow-Gates.

In respect of your Personal Accident Insurance please be aware that no expenses claimable under Medicare are covered by this insurance, including the Medicare gap.  Please check with your GP / hospital / surgeon what this means before committing to treatment.


Insurers may need to investigate the circumstances of any claim.  If they do, you must cooperate fully with them.  Failure to cooperate may result in the claim being declined.