The Pony Club is an international youth association dedicated to providing opportunities for young people that are interested in horses, ponies and riding. Now the largest association of riders in the world Pony Club originated in the United Kingdom in 1929 as a scheme to encourage young people to learn to ride.

Pony Clubs exist to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people by encouraging sportsmanship and good citizenship and by providing opportunities for young riders to gain knowledge and become proficient in their chosen equestrian sport.

The Pony Club differs from other youth movements because the horse is used as the main centre of interest around which to develop personal qualities and life skills while enjoying and taking part in equestrian sports.

The movement in Western Australia was formed in 1959. There are currently more than 56 pony clubs affiliated with Pony Club WA which are divided into 13 Zones: Avon, Central, Eastern, Great Southern, Hills, Metropolitan, Midland, Northern, North West, South Eastern, South West, Swan and West Coastal.

Pony Club provides an environment in which a young rider can develop knowledge and mutual friendship with other riders. The association encourages participation by providing all members with the opportunity to be involved in riding activities, regardless of their riding ability or the quality of their mounts.

All instruction is based on the Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction and after completion and examination of the required standards, efficiency certificates are awarded.

While Working Rallies are considered the backbone of the Pony Club Movement other activities may include camps, trail rides, lectures and films, visits to places of interest, demonstrations, polo, polocrosse, vaulting and more.