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PCA Insurance Webinar Recap

Did you miss out on the PCA Insurance Webinar?

Not to worry – we have a recap just for you!

This webinar was held on Saturday 20th March 2021 and was hosted by our insurers Gow-Gates.

Items discussed in this Webinar include:

  • Confused by Insurance?
  • Insureds, Insurers & Insurance Brokers
  • Common Myths
  • Insurance is a Member Benefit
  • FAQ’s
    Q: Am I covered to do XYZ?
    Q: What is a sanctioned activity?
    Q: When are Coaches Covered?
    Q: Does our existing Pony Club WA Public Liability Insurance cover our club when we loan equipment (free of charge) to other pony clubs off site?
  • Excluded Activities
  • The importance of good risk management
  • Contacts

You can find a copy of the presentation used here:
PCA Webinar – 20.03.2021