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Annie Creek

Horseland Bunbury
I was extremely humbled and fortunate to be selected as the Horseland Bunbury’s Sponsored Pony Club rider for 2019. This family owned, local country business is so supportive and knowledgeable; I was indeed very lucky! The sponsorship provided, not only the generous amount of equipment and clothing of my choice, but the encouragement and support to help me strive to do my best and go that bit further with my riding, than I could have ever done on my own. I had an incredible year!
Part of my role as a Sponsored Rider was to promote their products- one major method being on Social Media, such as Instagram and Facebook. This included sharing posts and advertisements, as well as sharing my own experiences on products that I have tried and tested myself. Horseland Bunbury also equipped me with many clothing items for me to wear, to advertise in public (alongside posts online). Who wouldn’t enjoy wearing the latest attire and lovely ‘matchy matchy’ sets on their horse? It was very humbling to be able to wear my Horseland Bunbury items around at events and at home- I was proud and excited, and this confidence definitely showed through my riding and beyond.


Have you submitted your Horseland Sponsored Pony Club Rider application?

All applications need to be submitted before Sunday 16th February 2020.
Please note the winners of the Horseland WA Sponsored Pony Club Rider will be announced at the Horseland Autumn/Winter Launch (March 2020)
For further information please contact Pony Club WA at