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2021 Pony Club WA Annual Awards

With the 2021 Pony Club WA Annual Awards being our 9th year of celebration of this event we would love to thank all members, volunteers and our extended member family for your ongoing support and recognition for our members achievements.
The Pony Club WA Annual Awards see members, clubs, events, and volunteers recognised for their outstanding contribution to Pony Club not only for 2021 but many years previously. We recognise this support through State Awards, Annual Awards, Certificates of recognition, Healthway’s Race Around the State Competition and Horseland Sport Leaderboards.
State Awards are recommended by clubs, zones and state committees and put before the Board of Pony Club WA for approval. They are prestigious awards recognising the outstanding contributions to Pony Club in WA.
Nominees in the Annual Award categories are nominated by members. All nominations are put to a selection panel where a winner in each category is chosen in accordance with the selection criteria for that category. 2020 also sees a couple of highly commended placings awarded.
The Annual Awards provide members with an opportunity to recognise the contributions of our hard-working volunteers.
2021 has again proved an incredible increase of award nominations and finalists. These nominations include those who have been supporting the pony club movement for many years to those who are relatively new but have made an impact on our members.
To the many members who took the time to nominate, thank you.
To all of the nominees, congratulations on your nomination and thank you for your contributions.
Thank you to our leading event sponsor of the 2021 Pony Club WA Annual Awards, Horseland.
Congratulations to all who took home an award and to those recognised for their outstanding achievements in 2021.
Lets take a look at who took home an Annual Awards this year:
Take a look back on the event by clicking on our 2021 Event Program here: