2021 Pony Club WA Club/Zone Dates Application

Clubs events should not fall on the same dates as State Events ie.State Coaching School, Festival, State Championships.

No two clubs in one zone may run the same type of event on the same day. Clubs within each Zone must work together to ensure a fair distribution of dates.


State Coaching School  13 & 14 February Karinya Equestrian Park, Orange Grove WA
State Tetrathlon Championship 10 & 11 April Mortlock Pony Club, Goomalling
State Showjumping Championships  21 – 23 May State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon WA
Pony Club WA Festival 5 & 6 June TBC
Marsden Cup 19 June Horsemen’s Pony Club
State Active Riding Qualifier 31 July & 1 August TBC
State Dressage Championships 7 & 8 August State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon WA
State Active Riding Championships 4 & 5 September TBC
Hickstead State Event 26 September Log Fence Pony Club
PCA National Championships 26 Sept – 2 Oct Benalla, VIC
State Eventing Championship 23 & 24 October TBC


Any Date Applications submitted that do not comply with the above conditions will not be approved.


These forms will be forwarded to the Technical Delegate Coordinator for TD allocations.

All Pony Club WA Clubs and Zones running ODE’s or Horse Trials running under Pony Club WA Rules must have an appointed Technical Delegate (TD). As from January 1st, 2015, events with 250 or more competitors will not be permitted to run with only one TD.

Technical Delegates are allocated to each event by the Eventing Technical Delegate Coordinator, Clubs are not permitted to organise their own TD’s. Clubs with more than one event will receive allocations for subsequent dates according to TD availability. The TD Coordinator will endeavour to allocate a TD for all event dates requested. If dates requested clash with EWA or other Pony Club WA Club/Zone Events, then the second dates options will be considered. Please check EWA & Pony Club WA calendars when selecting your dates to avoid a clash of dates.

Please note: Clubs are responsible for appointing an accredited Pony Club WA or EWA Course Designer for their event.

As of 1st January 2018, any club hosting events or training days must have a member that is an Accredited Gear Checker. It is also mandatory to ensure that an Accredited Gear Checker is on the grounds as a volunteer to assist with any queries through the day. Given that gear checking is a safety process very closely linked to risk management, clubs are required to meet this policy.

Conditions of Leaderboard Participation

It is requested that all clubs run classes as per the Leaderboard grades and age groups. If this is not possible, age as at 1/1/2020 must be included in the sumbission of results.

Only one test/class per level will count toward the leaderboards, please note this on your entry form. If this is not specified, the lowest level or height will be used. If your event runs over two days, only classes nominated from one day will be counted. Events included in the Leaderboards must use current accredited officials. They may be Pony Club WA or EA accredited.

Events included in the 2021 Leaderboards are required to pay a $2.50 levy on each Pony Club WA rider throughout the entire event.

Levy return sheets are available on the Pony Club WA website, these should be completed and returned to Pony Club WA via mail or email to membership@ponyclubwa.asn.au along with event results, no later than 14 days after the completion of the event.

Event results will not be added to the Leader boards until results and levies have been received by the office.

Please complete the below form (1 for each event) with as much detail as possible. We understand the planning of your event classes may still be underway, if you have any changes closer to the event date please let us know.

Please note: Only events that comply with Pony Club WA Rules, Policies and Guidelines are sanctioned by Pony Club WA therefore fall under the Pony Club WA Insurance Policy.