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Gear Check Manual

The main objective of Pony Club WA Gear Checking is to ensure the Safety of the Rider and Comfort of the Horse.

The Gear Checking Advisory Panel works tirelessly throughout the year to ensure the Gear Checking Manual is up to date, relevant and fair for all Pony Club WA Riders.

The Gear Checking Manual is reviewed annually and a revised version released in January every year.

Gear Checking Manual by Sections

Foreword and Introduction
Section 1- Rules
Section 2 – Guidelines
Section 3 – Process
Section 4 – Forms and Templates
Section 5 – Precis

2019 Gear Check Manual Bridging Document

For information on the Gear Checking Advisory Panel, Currently Accredited Gear Checkers or becoming an accredited Gear Checker see the Coaches and Officials page 


All Riders should follow the below steps when querying an item of gear or the use of.

  • Step 1 – Read the Pony Club WA Gear Checking Guidelines (contained in the Gear Checking Manual).
  • Step 2 – Ask your Club Coaches
  • Step 3 – Ask your Zone Coach Coordinator
  • Step 4 – Ask the Gear Checking Advisory Panel


An exemption is a form of authorisation that Pony Club WA offers a member to participate in Pony Club WA, when their circumstances prevent them from complying with our Gear Checking Rules. It lasts for the duration of the calendar year, always expiring on Dec 31st.

Any Pony Club WA member is entitled to submit an exemption request.  The rider / parent must systematically go through the process outlined in the Exemption Application Form. Completed applications are sent to the State Coaching Panel (as of 17/10/2019)

When to apply for an exemption:

  • The rider or their horse have a physical impairment restricting them from complying with Pony Club WA Gear Checking Rules.
  • The rider or their horse have a scenario where their safety and comfort is considerably impacted by complying with the Pony Club WA Gear Checking Rules.

For all enquiries feel free to contact the State Coaching Panel (as of 17/10/2019)


Memo’s and Information Documents

Gear Exemption Application From 2019

Mandatory Gear Checking Requirements

Helmet Standards and Inspections

Approved Photographers

All photographers wishing to photograph at Pony Club Events are required to apply to be on the Pony Club WA Approved Photographers List.

06.09.2019 Approved Photographers List 2019

Approved Photographers Application Form

Pony Club Rallies

One of the main objectives of pony club is to encourage and improve horsemanship and horse care in its riding members, therefore the Working rally is the backbone of the Pony Club Movement. It is by such rallies the Aims and Objectives of the pony club movement are best carried out.

The Club Chief Coach is responsible for the club’s coaching program and the safe implementation of the current PCA Syllabus of Instruction.

All rally dates are arranged by the Club Committee, recorded and minuted by the secretary and notified and open to all financial members.  No person shall conduct a rally or coach at a rally unless authorised by the Club Committee and the Club Chief Coach.

Working Rally Definition

A WORKING RALLY is a rally to which all financial members are eligible to attend and where coaching from the current Pony Club Australia Syllabus of Instruction is given – e.g. flatwork, jumping, horse care, general knowledge and active riding, e.g. games, polocrosse, vaulting.  A Working Rally is generally a minimum of three (3) hours of instruction in duration, with lesson times varied to reflect the ages / level of riders, weather and other factors. A riding member can expect two (2) or three (3) ridden (flatwork, jumping, active riding) sessions and at least one unmounted horse care session

Visiting Rallies

Horse and rider combinations may attend Working Rallies at a club other than their own financial Club, which must be notified too and agreed by the rider’s Club Chief Coach and the Chief Coach of the club they are visiting.

A member may not be a visiting rider more than twice in any calendar year unless an exemption is applied for through the State Coaching Panel on the appropriate form.

Visiting Rally Exemption Form

Visiting Rally Attendance Form

Special Mounted Rallies

These can be a club outing to a different venue when the whole expedition is a learning experience for all. Examples are, but not limited to, trips to the beach, farms or forest trail rides.

Unmounted Rallies

These can be of great value and are generally devoted to horse care. These lectures provide practical knowledge and experience and can be delivered by experts in the field or experienced coaches on horse ailments and their treatments (vets), fitting and care of saddlery (saddle fitters), shoeing & trimming (farrier) grooming, feeding, stable management and other aspects of horse care, Landcare, vaulting and many other equestrian related topics.

State Training Days as Working Rallies

If a State Training Day takes place on a normal club rally day, then the rider attending the Training Day may be granted one Working Rally. Only one State Training Day per year may be claimed as a Working Rally.

State Training Days are defined as State Squad Days as acknowledged by the relevant Sport Committee in relation to PCA National Championships.

State Schools as Working Rallies

Mounted attendance at a State C/ C*/K/B/H/A Development School can be used as one Working Rally over a 12-month period.

Camps as Working Rallies

Club / Zone Pony Club Camps consisting of one or two-day duration is counted as ONE (1) Working Rally ONLY.

Associate Riders ONLY, are permitted to count 2-3 day camps as TWO (2) Working Rallies as long as they are participating (riding or coaching) all day at camp as set out in 2.2.

Rally Qualification Requirements

Where qualifications for pony club activities are required such as national/state/zone competition or Efficiency Certificate assessments, The riding member and horse combination must:

1.1 attend a minimum of three hours at three separate Working Rallies within the 12-month period required by the event or competition, two of which must be at the club at which they are a member; and

1.2 participate in at least one ridden session at each Working Rally.

1.3 If riding two horses at a Working Rally, participate in at least one ridden session on each horse.

A maximum of two horses/ponies may be ridden by one rider at any Working Rally

Rally Qualification Requirements for an Associate Riding Member

As above, the Associate Riding Member and horse combination must attend a minimum of three hours at three separate Working Rallies (as set out in 1.2 and 1.3 in this document or General Regulations 1.1ii and 1.1iii) within the 12-month period required by the event or competition, two of which must be at the club at which they are a member,


An Associate Riding Member can attend a minimum of three hours at two separate Working Rallies within the 12-month period required by the event or competition, one of which must be at the club at which they are a member provided at least one of the following conditions has been satisfied:

2.1 the Associate Riding Member holds their C*/K or above Certificate;

2.2 the Associate Riding Member has provided coaching instruction for at least three hours at a minimum of one Working Rally (in addition to attending 2 Working Rallies as a riding member as above) or

2.3 the Associate Riding Member has provided other regular service to their club or Pony Club WA (i.e. Club Executive, Zone Representative, State Sport Committee) over the required prior 12-month period.

An Associate Riding Member can qualify a maximum of 2 horses.

Associate Riders qualifying under option 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 must be agreed to and signed off by a Club Chief Coach and a member of Club Executive, provided that the qualifying mount(s) are known to the Club Chief Coach to be competent at pony club activities at the level chosen for competition.

Day Members

Day Membership is only available for club rallies or the dismounted phases of Tetrathlon competitions.

Day membership is only available to prospective new members who wish to “try before they buy” at a maximum of two club rallies only.

Day Membership provides Public Liability insurance cover only.

Day Members must sign a Pony Club WA Non-Member Disclaimer.

Day Member Registration Form

Non Member Disclaimer

Day Coaches

Any coach that is not registered as a coach on the Pony Club WA Database WA Affiliated Club must be registered as a Day Coach.

Becoming a Day Coach entitles the coach to Broadform Liability, Professional Indemnity and Personal Accident cover whilst engaged in coaching Pony Club WA riding members.

Day Coach Registration Form

Equipment Hire Forms

  • Dressage Equipment For Hire
    Full Arena with letters $300 per hire period – 2 available
    Set of Letters $50 only – 2 available

Pony Club WA Dressage Equipment Hire Form

  • Active Riding Equipment For Hire
    Trailer with all AR Equipment $5 per rider

Pony Club WA Active Riding Equipment Hire Form

  • Eventing Equipment For Hire
    Eventing Timing Clocks $80
    ICom Radios – set of 6 $75
    Short range radios – set of 16 $50
    Stopwatches – set of 10 $15
    Whistle – set of 10 $10
    Fluoro Vest – set of 15 $20
    Full Eventing Set – $200

Pony Club WA Eventing Equipment Hire Form

Pick us is available between 2 and 4pm the day prior to booking date. Weekend bookings must be collected on the Friday.